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  [–]PubDefLakersGuy 8 赞8 hours ago Under Armour。 还有UA [–]throwawayacct4991 7 赞7 hours ago i could see this, UA brand image is about toughness 吾能意料签约UA,UA的品牌现象就是坚硬 

  [–]HeatRitwikb 2156 赞11 hours ago This headline scared me, my eyes were just drawn to Butler & parted ways。。。。 炎火球迷:你这标题吓屎吾了,吾就看到巴特勒和南辕北辙 

  [–]Celticssahsan10 337 赞10 hours ago calling it now: PUMA 凯尔特人球迷:叫出谁人名字:彪马 

  [–][CHI] Lauri Markkanenchitownbulls92 87 赞10 hours ago Butler will instantly become the biggest star under Puma‘s roster。。。 the highest profile players they have is Demarcus Cousins。。。 Kyle Kuzma  公牛球迷:巴特勒会立刻成为彪马头牌,他们现在最大牌的是考辛斯…库兹玛 

  [–]SpainMarco-Green 33 赞10 hours ago I am always surprised at how many of y‘all actually care about player’s brands。 I don‘t mean it in a bad way, but here in europe people don’t care about that at all regarding soccer stars。 吾不息益奇,到底有众少人在意球员的品牌这事。吾不是奚落,但在吾们欧洲,没人关心这些签约,除了一些足球明星。 

  [–]yeahwhatelse 910 赞11 hours ago* this cat is really following in dwade‘s footstepsfirst marquette, then the heat franchise player, now this 这兄弟真是在复制韦德老路先是往马奎特读大学,然后成为炎火头牌,现在又来这出 


  [–]Clippersuziair 24 赞10 hours ago new balance can get on it too。 快船球迷:NB也能考虑下 

  They still wanted him to have a comeback and signed joakim and Butler too。 Butler became a star in his own right so he left for Jordan。 Now he is bigger than the Jordan deal he signed。 他们照样期待罗斯能铁汉归来,以是签下了诺阿和巴特勒。后来巴特勒本身打著名堂成为球星。他比现有的乔丹相符同更值钱。

  [–]Australiaihatelettuce3 326 赞11 hours ago He should sign with Crocs or Sketchers。 他能够试试卡洛驰和斯凯奇

   [–]Bullsfgonza0267 41 赞10 hours ago Adidas had Chicago market locked with Rose and were making a lot of money。  公牛球迷:阿迪达斯那时由于罗斯稳稳拿着芝添哥市场,赚了很众钱。 

  [–]crownmethesheep 132 赞11 hours ago Li Ning, your newest brand ambassador Jim Butler! 李宁,你家新代言人是吉米-巴特勒! 

  [–]beendoingit7 1060 赞11 hours ago He musta heard about the bag Luka got and felt disrespected so he dipped。 Wouldn’t surprise me with Jimmy lol 他肯定是清新了077的球鞋相符同价值,觉得本身没被偏重,以是选择退出。这也很相符JB人设hhhh 

  [–][LAL] Kobe BryantZenkikid 116 赞10 hours ago Probably decided the Jordan deal wasnt worth it anymore。Jordan brand deals are notorious for being on the lower end financially compared to other brands。 湖人球迷:推想就是觉得和乔丹的相符同不足大。乔丹品牌给的钱比其他品牌少这事早就污名昭著了。 IIRC he took a substantial paycut to sign with Jordan brand when he left adidas 要吾没记错的话,他脱离阿迪达斯转投乔丹品牌后赚的更少了

  [–]Wizardsireddit270 49 赞10 hours ago More like “Took him that long?” 奇才球迷:更像是“这么久才别离?” 

  [–]ClippersKianNeon 929 赞11 hours ago* I was on that same wavelength, to the point where I was looking up “who is Jordan Brand and what’s his role in the heat organization。” 快船球迷:吾也看错了,但吾看的和你纷歧样,吾寻思“谁是乔丹品牌啊,然后他在炎火是什么身份” 

  [–]NetsKwilly462 96 赞11 hours ago Yeah same。 I‘m like, “Already?” 篮网球迷:相通,吾逆答就是“这么快?” 

  [–]Clippersuziair 3 赞10 hours ago looks like jordan is trending younger now。 luka and zion。 seems about right。 快船球迷:感觉乔丹品牌在寻求年轻化。077和锡安,相通是这么回事。 

  [–][SAS] Boban MarjanovicCaptObvious420 223 赞11 hours ago Jimmy Butler and a bunch of third-stringers, all wearing Crocs, are coming for you。 他们来了!幼吉巴和一群都穿着卡洛驰,没人要的备胎。

  BREAKING: Miami Heat All-Star Jimmy Butler and Jordan Brand have mutually parted ways, making him the highest profile current sneaker free agent。 Butler is now expected to begin negotiations with all brands for a new multi-year sneaker deal。 爆炸讯息:炎火全明星吉米-巴特勒和乔丹品牌南辕北辙,这使他成为现在球鞋解放市场最大牌。巴特勒现在准备和一切品牌睁开永远相符同议和。 

  [–]Eastloudanduneducated 595 赞11 hours ago He is 30。 Butler knows that this is his time to make big money。 This will likely be his last big deal as a star, so he needs to sign a big contract now or he never will。 他已经30了。巴特勒清新是时候赚大钱了。这有能够是他行为球星的末了一笔大相符同,以是答该赶紧签,错过这个村就没这个店了。 

  [–]Eastloudanduneducated 231 赞10 hours ago I doubt it。 They keep signing guys with the potential to become bigger names, they haven’t signed an actual big name yet。 凶猛疑心。彪马不息在签潜力球星,没签下过真实的球星。 My guess is he will sign with a Chinese company 吾猜JB会和中国公司签约